Praise for Singled Out

"Chris and Jasmine are a beautiful couple and...Kyle is one hot male; readers will be using their e-reader to fan themselves! Amy Elizabeth develops her poignant tale beautifully and her prose flows seamlessly." - In D'Tale Magazine

"I tried to read it under 24 hours, I really did, but it was addicting. Like take it into the bathroom, legs get numb from sitting so long addictive." - A.C.

"The story starts off with deceptive simplicity as the three main characters -- Jasmine, Chris, and Kyle -- seem to be living charmed lives. But as the story progresses, their insecurities, fears, disappointments, and humanness come to the fore." - S.L.

Praise for Dead Heat

"Grounded by realistic characters, complex human emotion, and historical detail...Dead Heat is an engrossing novel whose strengths make it well worth a read for those on the lookout for a refreshingly mature love story." - Kirkus Reviews

"It is such a unique plot and will have you on the edge of your seat, never able to guess what happens next." - T.L.

"This book had me hooked after just a few pages. The characters are easy to love and they each have their own unique personality that the author brings out brilliantly." - S.L.

"This book is amazing!!! Such a sweet story and I will now be adding Amy Elizabeth to my favorite author list!" - S.B.

Praise for Cut and Run

"First let me say that I read about 1 book a day. Saying this, this book is among the top 5 of my all-time favorite books that I have read." - J.T.

"Great writing, great cast. Just the right amount of spice. I would even pay to see this as a movie." - T.R.

"An absolutely engaging and well written book. To have the ability to show life at its worst while at the same time giving a glimpse of life at its best is the hallmark of a excellent author, and Amy Elizabeth delivers." - K.J.

"I am so glad I took the chance and read this well written book. Not the usual patterns seen in a romance. It was very thought provoking at times, and didn't take the easy way out of situations." - S.Y.

"Do not be deterred from reading if you are not into horses, rodeos, or the great outdoors. The storyline is all about a cast of characters that will pull at your heart and pull you in emotionally. Amy Elizabeth has hit a home run with this series." - J.N.

Praise for Indian Summer

"Amy Elizabeth has been able to evoke such strong emotions from me that here I am up late at night because I can’t stop thinking about these characters. It is a quiet drama, a story full of real emotions with characters full of heart. Amy Elizabeth has added a faithful follower to all her writings." - S.B.

"It makes you think about all the alternate paths your own life could have taken." - A.D.

"I've already read it twice, with all intentions of reading it again. And again. The book has a twisty-turny plot that seriously leaves you addicted." - A.K.

"I liken Alec to Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice...we are hopelessly in love with them (forever)." - L.Y.

"We get to see life after marriage and the trials that can occur and how relationships can be tested, something we don't see with most books. Highly recommend this series of you want real romance, plot and human emotions." - D.N.

Praise for Showdown

"This author is a master at spinning plot." - M.G.

"If you're looking for a new series, then I strongly urge you to get all three books, curl up for a day or two, and read them all start to finish. Every page teases and excites your senses." - J.M.

"I have never found myself as drawn into a set of fictitious characters as I have with this book. This author is skilled at displaying both the heartaches and the joyous moments in life with equal complexity." - T.G.

"The author has an amazing ability to keep you guessing. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, the story goes in a completely different direction and surprises you again." - A.D.